Monday, March 28, 2016

Demonica paid mods announcement

I have a great news to all of Skyrim citizens who're using Demonica race created by talented Krista.
Finally, after several month of searching for an appropriate platform for all paid mods, we finally came to a decision.

As an old fan of Gopher (hardcore gamers knows this guy, he created a bunch of mods and also the best host of YouTube video lessons how to properly mod Fallout and TES games) I followed his example of going on to the
In case you wonder, is a simple way for you to contribute to creators every month and get super cool rewards in return! Just like the Kickstarter if I may say so.

So how it works you may ask? Simple.

  • First thing first, go to and register. 
  • Jump to Krista's Patreon page.
  • On the lower right of your screen, you will find a button "Get $5 Reward".
  • Don't be shy, hit the button, enter amount of your pledge (min $5 per mod).
  • Once the payment is final and you land on "Thank you" page go directly to messaging (there is a button on your page called "Send Kristina a message").
  • Compose a message stating how much is pledged and what mod(s) would you like to purchase.
  • Once Kristina verifies your pledge she would send you a response with a download link(s).
  • All is left fo you to do is to merge an ESP file previously downloaded from an original page and a missing mesh/texture files you received in response from Kristina.
Just a clarification, Patreon is a subscription based model, meaning once you pledge $5 or more, this amount will be renewed on a 1st of each month.
So after initial purchase you have 2 options, do nothing and after you roll into another month send a message to Kristina and request a reward for the amount you pledged ($5=1 new mod, $10=2 new mods, etc.).
Or if you already satisfied just cancel your subscription between 5th and the last date of the next month.
Let me give you the example:
You decided to purchase one mod on let just say 10th of April, you make a purchase, send a request message, receive a message from Krista, download and play the game all you want. 
On 1st of May here comes the decision point, you wish to keep going and get new mods every month, ok, not a problem, if you see some new mod from Kristina just send her a new message, specify this new mod and download it. your CC will be charged on a 1st of each month on the amount of your original pledge.

OR, you 're sick of Skyrim, sadly but maybe it's a time for you to move on, we respect your decision, just cancel your subscription after 5th of the next month and it all is set. You will not be charged anymore.

Well, anyway, that's the news we've been all waiting for a very long time so get you CC ready and happy gaming.

Official disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Krista or benefit in any way from Demonica modding sales. This is just a message to the English-speaking community she asked me to address. 


  1. and how does it work? Donate to mod and you then translate it?

    1. Please understand - I am not affiliated with Krista nor benefit of her modding. Just like all of you I have to purchase mods.
      In other words I can translate only what I have.

      However, pretty soon you may find most of the commercial mods available under