Monday, October 31, 2016

Skyrim SE modding FAQ

As many of you may already know, the Skyrim SE is up and running. From a personal experience, it runs great and smooth given you have appropriate hardware.
I would say this is how Skyrim vanilla should have been about 5 years back, the 64 bit and DX11.
Most of you may probably say "there is nothing new...same old same" etc.

The release of SSE was not about bringing new game but fixing exactly what everyone was complaining about - CTD, 32 bit, better visuals and nothing more. There was never a single promise about a new game or new graphics, simply set we've got what we exactly asked, a 64 bit and that's working so far flawless after running 24 hours on my 5-year-old PC.
When anyone attempts to compare modded old Skyrim vs. new SE version, please keep in mind this is an unfair comparison and if you truly need to compare you should load vanilla vs vanilla.
And here are some answers for upcoming modding for new SSE and Dem mods.

Q: There is no SKSE and no SkyUI and all mods dependent on SKSE. I need my SKSE back and refuse to play this vanilla sh$t. Where is my SKSE?