Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dress collection

Autors: Kris†a™
Translated: Vlad[T]Cepesh
Version: 2.5.5 compatible with DEM 1.6.1
Language: English
Distribution to other sites: Not permitted

TES V: Skyrim v1.9 or higher

Original date: August 11, 2014
Latest update: August 22, 2015

“She looked like a goddess, relaxed and merciful, flying down to comfort mortals, to whisper her otherworldly voice: "Everything is all right, do not worry, the only thing you are required - is to die."


Once I mentioned that I wanted to create a mod which will be a collection of dresses without extra headaches. As a result this mod thus will be.
Everything is simple – it’s just clothing, no quests to run, no need to rescue the princess and get some dress as a reward, just go to the forge and craft it then enchant it.

At this point, the mod includes:
  • Four dresses (see screenshots),
  • One set of body with a skirt (not collapsible),
  • Decoration [garter] in two colors on the leg,
  • Pearl string of fashion [LB] Luxury Clothing


Copy all files into Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data or use Nexus Mod Manager.
Mod Organizer users should follow MO rules.

Copyright notice: Distribution of this mod or publish to another sites is strictly prohibited. No derivatives.

© 2014 Kris†a™

© 2015 Vlad [T]

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