Sunday, February 14, 2016

DEM Summer Dresses

Author: Karter
Translated: Vlad[T]
Version: 1.2

Mod maker Karter keeps astonish us with her talent and never-ending fantasy with her recent new release of summer dresses set for DEM Lilith.
As a bonus, she also decided to throw in an evening dress (my favorite).

TES V: Skyrim v1.9+
Dem Lilith 1.6.1 or DEMv2.1 by Kris†a™

I have not tested it yet on Eva, however, I am sure this dress should work on her before she is turned into a vampire, so if you are planning to play Companion missions or before she meets Serana you should be just fine. Although Turbants as with all headgear should be visible and fit.

The mod includes:
  • summer dress (3 colors)
  • evening dress
  • Turban (3 colors)


- Texture evening dress 2k
- Alternative mesh with the alpha channel (see difference in the screenshot below) 

Install instructions:
Manually merge archive into Data folder or use NMM installer.
For optional textures select overwrite.

Copyright notice ©: Distribution of this mod (translation, modifications, adaptations to other body types) on other sites without permission of the author is prohibited
No derivatives.

© Kris†a™
© Vlad [T]
© Karter


  1. How are the names of those black shoes in the picture? Thank you in advance for your answer

    1. The shoes in the top picture are from another set called Privat.
      Available in Russian only.

  2. Thank you,set Privat i have in English :)

  3. Оригинал обновился до 1.2, обновите плиз по возможности.

    1. Thanks, version 1.2 is added, please use the same link on this page to download updated version.