Sunday, September 25, 2016

Walking Time

It has been a very long time since anyone released a new DEM mod (although I do not count paid
mods created by Krista like pancakes and I am very thankful she is still doing this, however, that is a different story). The good news there are also still some modders around who keeps working on Skyrim mods and particularly Demonica mods.

Let me introduce another beautiful mod released by Karter, it's called "DEM Walking Time". Ehhm, don't ask me why, I am not the mod creator, not sure what Karter and Laxire were smoking at the moment but I suspect nothing of legal substance. (you'll know why once you see all items names).

Well, anyway, this mod contains a set of clothes for the race of Demonica Eva, and I mean The Eve - vampire. All items can be enchanted. If desired, all tunics (but not the rest of the set) could be worn on Lilith body as well.

Authors: © 2016 Karter, Laxire and Raven
Translated: © 2016 Vlad [T]
Language: English
Version: 1.0
Original author page

TES V: Skyrim v1.9 or higher
Demonica Eve 2.1 or higher