Monday, August 3, 2015

Demonica [Lilith]

Autors: Kris†a™
Version: 1.6.1 
Language: English

Distribution to other sites: Not permitted 


Original date:  March 23, 2014
Latest update: June 27, 2015
Original russian page.
She looked like a goddess, relaxed and mercful, flying down to comfort mortals, to whisper her otherworldly voice: "Everything is all right, do not worry, the only thing you are required - is to die."

What is this mod and who is it for?

"Demonica" was created exclusively for a small group of people who appreciates quality over quantity. "Demonica" should not be confused with any existing to this day body replacement since she is a Stand Alone race and is not affected by neither lore NPC or installed CBBE or UNP based mods.  
This mod can peacefully coexist with "LB" mods typically because LB is a body replacement however "Demonica" is a separate race with its own body and head and would not conflict with "LB".
Please note that "Demonica" can only wear armor exclusively created and tailored for her. Any Lore armor, jewelry,  hair or Nexus equivalents will not be visible and may cause CTD if used by "Demonica". 

Recommended specs:

16 GB memory, 3.5 GHz CPU is recommended but not required.
In general if you can install and run SFO, SMIM and other texture heavy mods without stuttering you should be OK.


Copy all files into Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data or use Nexus Mod Manager.
If you planning or already using NMM please create a new category "DEM" and assign all "Demonica" related mods into this category for easier maintenance. Mod Organizer users should follow MO rules.

Copyright note:

Distribution of this mod or publish to another sites is strictly prohibited. No derivatives.


Main mod download

Optional textures

Hot Fix for existing users

© 2014 Kris†a™
© 2015 Vlad [T]


  1. Replies
    1. Your're most welcome! There is more to come.

  2. Hi Vlad, I have received the data ([DEM] Body Collection v1.0). Unfortunately, things will not be displayed when you're at a smithy. The EPS. File was not in the zip file. I have downloaded from your own site. Krista said you could help me?

    Ovo7111 ;)

    1. Chris, I believe you missing a first part and that would be ESP file. Krista's mod distribution is in 2 part series, ESP file you can always download from her website directly, link is on mod page and second part is delivered via download link in personal email.
      Unfortunately for all English speaking population all files will be displayed as bunch of question marks. To mitigate this problem I will release all her paid English version ESP files this weekend. You still have to purchase a second part of each mod from Krista.

    2. Thank you ;) I have put the ESP file directly in folder, but I can´t found the collection by blacksmith. What is my mistake?
      Ovo7111 ;)

    3. Please make sure ESP file is installed in Data folder then activate this mod.
      Activating manually installed mods is pretty simple, either open Skyrim Launcher then click "data files" and select your new mod. Or if you using NMM make sure mod is selected and is active in your load order. Don't forget to sort all your mods using LOOT. Happy gaming.

  3. Good to see another translator taking over, with the troubles going on in Ukraine, it's no great surprise that BlackElf stopped, he had hardly done anything for months. When he used to be so reliable.
    What I didn't understand, twas why he deleted all the mods as well.
    However I do have all the English mods ever made by mainly by BlackElf, but also others like Pclp2014 (Another whose mods are no longer available, the HDT/TBBP ones in particular), of both Lady Body and Demonica.
    If it will help I can provide you all or part of those files, though be aware the entire set is almost 30GB.
    Let me know if you want any of them.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Also forgot to say, that includes my repackages for direct install by Mod Organizer.

    1. That's the idea to have them all packaged in MO or NMM friendly packages.

    2. Generally MO packaging simply means, the archive is treated as the Data Folder, though for multiple profiles splitting FoMod folders into separate mods can save SSD space as well. gives 50GB free when you sign up and others exist.

      Only problem with not providing the old mods is Black Elf destroyed his blog and they're no longer available anywhere.

      I have them so I don't need a new source, other people do though.

      As BlackElf only translated them, if it's OK from Kris†a and the other Authors who made the mods.
      I could upload them to my and use LoversLab to spread the word, directing others here for your new translations.
      The language barrier is a problem for me. The authors are listed below, those not on are on LoversLab and mostly still available.

      [LB] Lady Body Mod Authors - AlexWarzar; Apof; BlackElf; Kasprutz and Hello Santa; Nojanath; Turbosundance

      [Dem] Demonica Mod Authors - Anveri; Aperture; Apof and Tisac; AveBrave; BlackElf; EMay; Karter; Krnor; Maks81 and MargoShka; Maks81; Martin13; Pclp2014; Possessed and Revil; Possessed; Revil's; Sunhawken; Utokr; Valknut; Volgalla; Yana_N

    3. Thank you. Since DEM was updated to 1.6.1 and most of old mods are not compatible with new version my plans are to post all new as a first priority. I do have full access to LL archives and other sites as well.
      I am only looking for already translated rare high quality mods that are no longer available for download like Kasprutz LB conversions of Selene Kate at the moment and similar.

  5. PM me
    Uhuru N'Uru
    on LoversLab with what you want, I will likely have it. Can send you a full file list by PM and upload anything you require to my Mega Drive for example

    [LB] Lady Body - Kasprutz and Hello Santa's Mods
    Selene Kate v1·5
    Selene Kate v1·5 BTVS Hair
    Selene Kate v1·5 Vince Hair
    Selene Kate v1·52
    Selene Kate v1·52 BTVS Hair
    Selene Kate v1·52 Vince Hair
    Selene Kate v1·6

  6. any possiblity you can re translate
    And post video guide that gets me all the peices??
    this guild works and get me chest and boots only
    this which supposed to be for 2.0 have the BlackElf English tranlastion but nothing in this video guide works the letter that show ion this video is not where it actual is in the game

    first video show where the actual letter show the quest progress but it missing most the peices

    1. Since there is a request I would publish translated and enhanced quest version of Mavari. Enhanced in a sense of adding some hints in quest Letter/Note wording.

    2. as long as the quest works cause apparently 2.0 have the BlackElf English translation is doing the original quest not update 2.0 which give all the peices hell I install the 2.0 from krista site and even that one show one only gave the chest and boots only. and had the letter in the Dark brotherhood sanctuary, 2.0 shows you talking to Astrid then Gabriella, then going to Dragon bridge in house there the letter. plus 2.0 had quest markers too original dont have quest markers then again maybe I have get farther in to the dark botherhood quest? hard to tell in the videos cause there russian?? it dont explain why 2.0 has the letter in dragon bridge.

      Also would mind the video where done by blackelf for quest for some othe armor re done too. I dont remeber how I got the enhanced version of the Bloodmage armor that is incuded in 1.51-1.6.1, lucky I made notes for most the other armor sets I have on how to get them

    3. Bloodmage and Lydia armor can be retrieved from the Bleak Falls Barrow. It is located in the Inner Sanctum which is same room as the Word Wall. Just look around in this room.

    4. THanks! question though the enchanted verison of Bloodmage armor set it supposed to be not upgradeable? I noticed the Dem Privat cant be upgrade either, and i test this with Arcane Blacksmith. and they couldnt be upgrade less i was doing something wrong

    5. I am afraid it's not upgradeable, IMO this set is powerful enough for low levels at the beginning of the game.
      FYI, I am not a DEM mod designer, just hosting English version of this mod.

  7. Vlad!! I have been trying to leave an English response on Krista's blog, and from my frustration I might have left 3 different messages! Google Chrome translates the texts from Russian but not the buttons x_x I love this body mod! I wanted to tell Krista. And I wanted to ask a question. There seems to be a possibility of opening the mouth for Demonica v161! I need this so badly D: For screenshots! I like to make a story, and this body's so great I'm thinking of replacing my main character. She will talk within the vicinity of NPCs using the "Dovahkiin's Relax"->Greet NPC spell option (it's a mod).

    So how to keep the mouth constantly open? I'm wondering, do you or Krista know of anything??

  8. Did you try "Mfg Console by kapaer"

  9. there is bug in 1.6.1 either in your translation or it from the base untranslated 1.6.1. the 1.5.1 i got from blackelf dont do this

    Subtitles for some npc show the text as ???? ???? ?????? ???? in place of what they actual saying.

    Jon battle born - Well met kings me -Winter run
    Bolund - I cant believe we let provisionals like oyu walk around skyrim falkreath
    Female guard - one that tells you next for beheading. Helgen

    There are other npcs out there do this some there sub titles show right other do not and show ??? ??????? ????? ???

    1. Thanks for bug report. I'll check this part and update it asap. Did not see this since I ma never playing with subtitles on for pure realism and immersion.

  10. Subtitles are fix great work, and thanks for keep all these mods alive for the English speaking folks

  11. Hi again, question is the Mixed hair color part of private modding? also [DEM] Vanilla Replacers would like to request that is translated too or does that not need to be translated? along with the better description to the dem-mavari-v20. so i can find more then just 2 pieces of the armor.

    If you dont mind, thanks again

  12. Sorry about problems with Mavari but challenge is intended. Please understand this is not a cheat forum but a mod hosting. (Hint, get to Olava as secondary quest with a token from the Dark brotherhood, she'll point direction).
    Not sure about hair if they need a translation, I'll check that.
    [DEM] Vanilla replacers is in works, coming soon. Although I don't get it who would play DEM in vanilla...cause DEM is not vanilla nor lore. It's like Lamborghini with a cloth seats.

  13. oh i not look to cheat to get the armor is just the info in the game about how to get is very vague at best, it not for the one video i saw i would never figure out where the key was to open that chest on the ship. most the other armor that have quest i can do but mavari is just to vague. challenge is one thing but being so vague you dont know where to go is another thing.

    As for the dem vanilla re placer i dont care for much for the armor just want so i when carrying the loot it dont break hair and armor images ruins the immersion in the game atlest for me

  14. @tsunami2311:
    um... translate '[DEM] Vanilla replacers' to wich language? Since you are posting in english and mention english translations, you may did not notice that '[DEM] Vanilla replacers' is already in english. If you talking about '[DEM] Vanilla' by Biaru, forget everything I've said ;)
    thanks for all your translations, keep up this excellent work.

    cheers. ave

    1. To clarify Biaru it is. Although I am still waiting for a final version before posting it here. Something tells me his work is still WIP.

  15. Hello, I have a question. Your archive with demonica 1.6.1 has bsa-file and folder "textures" Can you check it, please? I think folder "textures" should not be there, because bsa-files has it already inside.

    1. Thanks, archive is updated. That folder is with my personal override files and got into the mix by an accident.

  16. Thank you so very much for this! Demonica is one of my favorite Skyrim mods and I find Demonica to be absolutely perfect and beautifully made~!

    1. You're most welcome and thanks for kind words. Although, this mod is outdated and you should be using DEM Eva by now.

  17. Thank you for the tranlations of Demonica body and armors !
    I want to ask you if you are planing to translate the rencently updated 2.4 version

    1. Yes, I am. After a long sabbatical I am planning to come back, however, not to the SSE.

    2. That is great news ! 👍
      I think if i open the *.esp file with the creation kit and save it, it will work for the SSE also!