Monday, March 7, 2016

Dem Lingerie by Karter

Authors: Karter
Translated: Vlad[T]cepesh
Version: 1.2

Here it is again, a new mod created for us by talented Karter.

A seductive demi bra decorated with exquisite embroidered floral accents for a romantic, feminine look and matching panties.

Can be found in a strong box @ Temple of Kynareth.
The optional download is alpha channel set, just overwrite using manual install or your favorite mod manager.

   For now this is just a single set of bra and panties, however, Karter mentioned this set may grow into a larger mod with more additional items. So lookout for updates.

© 2016 Vlad [T]cepesh
© 2016 Kris†a™
Copyright notice ©: Distribution of this mod (translation, modifications, adaptations to other body types) on other sites without permission of the author is prohibited
No derivatives.

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