Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cloak of Lace for DEM

Author: Aronchack from ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM™
Adapted for Dem race by: Vlad[T]
Version: 1.2 
Language: English

TES V: Skyrim v1.9 or higher

Original date: January 01, 2013
Latest update: January 02, 2013

“She looked like a goddess, relaxed and merciful, flying down to comfort mortals, to whisper her otherworldly voice: "Everything is all right, do not worry, the only thing you are required - is to die."

:: Description ::

I've been asked countless times about this adaptation of Cloak of Lace for Lady for Demonica.
It is not some new mod and been around for 2 years and I found it pretty neat on Demonica after having it modified in Creation Kit. 
This mod adds 8 new styles of cloaks to the world of Skyrim adapted for Demonica race. The cloaks are stand-alone which means wearing them won't replace any other equipment. They are completely craftable under the Glass category. They are also enchantable and upgradable. You can dress your DEM character as well UNP, CBBE and LB body replacers.

:: Installation ::

NMM- Fairly straight-forward. Simply follow the standard installation instructions for installing a mod with Nexus Mod Manager.
Manual-Unpack the .7z into your Skyrim/ directory.
To uninstall just delete the files pertinent to this mod.

Enjoy and share your screenshots on Flickr.

© 2015 Vlad [T]


  1. Классная вещица, забераю для своей Demonice. Спасибо.

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