Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Dem Companions

Authors: Kris†a™
Translated: Vlad [T]
Version: 1.1 
Language: English
Distribution to other sites: Not permitted 

TES V: Skyrim v1.9 or higher

Original date: October 18, 2014
Latest update: October 19, 2014
Prerequisite: Before you can use this mod please install Demonica Lilith.

“She looked like a goddess, relaxed and merciful, flying down to comfort mortals, to whisper her otherworldly voice: "Everything is all right, do not worry, the only thing you are required - is to die."

By popular gamers demand I’ve decided to create a replacement of Lydia and Serana. Both of them are based on [DEM] race. This is a single mod however each ESP file could be activated independently if you would like to have only one or another change an appearance.

Important information (!!!): Serana should be installed before you meet her, better yet before you enter Dimhollow Cavern to insure her scripts are working properly.
If this mod is installed after you enter Dimhollow Cavern there is no guarantee game will progress as expected.

Recommended specs for optimal performance:

16 GB memory, 3.5 GHz CPU or higher, NVIDIA 980 GTX or higher.

Minimum Required specs:

8 GB memory, 2.2 GHz Dual Core CPU, NVIDIA 680 GTX.


Copy all files into Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Data or use Nexus Mod Manager.
If you planning or already using NMM please create a new category "DEM" and assign all "Demonica" related mods into this category for easier maintenance. Mod Organizer users should follow MO rules.


Copyright notice: Distribution of this mod or publish to another sites is strictly prohibited. No derivatives.

© 2014 Kris†a™
© 2015 Vlad [T]


  1. This is my second post of Demonica English version. As always all thanks and hail to Krista for this mod and Bethesda for Skyrim. Enjoy.

  2. and thx to you Vlad for continuing an English blog :)

    1. I am very happy to find out there are still gamers in Skyrim. Soon will be releasing more English Demonica and all related mods once I will free my machine from Windows 10 imprisonment.

  3. Hi. Are there any followers that are not replacers of Lydia and Serana? I would like a stand alone follower. Thank you.

    1. Not sure what do you mean by "other replacers". If you're looking for a CBBE/UNP versions this is not the place to find one.