Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DEM Renfri

By popular demand, I've decided to release old set Renfri for Dem and LB created by Volgala.

Everything can be crafted in the Solitude blacksmith forge but only after finding a very special book/manual in one of a ships cabin. Don't ask where, I have no idea, you have to dig through every ship in Skyrim :(

The set comes in 2 body options with different color options. Color options are in the separate download, just overwrite files after you have the main mod installed.

Did I also mention bodies? Yeah, it can be used with Dem race (non-vampire, sorry) and also LB replacer.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Demonica paid mods announcement

I have a great news to all of Skyrim citizens who're using Demonica race created by talented Krista.
Finally, after several month of searching for an appropriate platform for all paid mods, we finally came to a decision.

As an old fan of Gopher (hardcore gamers knows this guy, he created a bunch of mods and also the best host of YouTube video lessons how to properly mod Fallout and TES games) I followed his example of going on to the Patreon.com.
In case you wonder, Patreon.com is a simple way for you to contribute to creators every month and get super cool rewards in return! Just like the Kickstarter if I may say so.

So how it works you may ask? Simple.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

DEM Mavari

Author: Kris†a™
Quest writers: VALKNUT & Volgalla
Translated: BlackElf
Version: 2.0
Original Release date: 02/10/2015
Original page

   By popular demand some old mods are coming back, I did not translate this mod, happens to have a depository of all old translations by BlackElf.
So here it is...


   This is the conversion of "Mavari" armor by Zerofrost.
The armor is based on an original 2d concept art made by Virginie Carquin.You can check her deviantart page here and her work used as reference here.
Unlike the original mod by Zerofrost obtaining this set would not be an easy task, No guidance or compass pointers.
   To start Mavari hidden quest read the note located on the table in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary next to the stone of Barenziah.
Follow clues to find the first set of armor (hint: it's inside of the ... boat).
The second set is obtainable only after you speak with Olava the Feeble. She will tell the Dragonborn their fortune if they have Olava's Token but only as a bonus for killing Gaius Maro in a hold capital, during the quest, "Breaching Security".

Monday, March 7, 2016

Dem Lingerie by Karter

Authors: Karter
Translated: Vlad[T]cepesh
Version: 1.2

Here it is again, a new mod created for us by talented Karter.

A seductive demi bra decorated with exquisite embroidered floral accents for a romantic, feminine look and matching panties.

Can be found in a strong box @ Temple of Kynareth.
The optional download is alpha channel set, just overwrite using manual install or your favorite mod manager.

Eva Mods updates

   Just a quick announcement. We have 3 updates published for DEMv2 [Eva], DEMv2 Soul of War armor and DEMv2 Clothes.

You can find updates directly on pages of each mod.
Please note the DEMv2[Eva] you should have installed version 2.1 and then overwrite with update version 2.1.1.
Armor and Cloth just update.


DEM translation requests

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