Wednesday, March 9, 2016

DEM Mavari

Author: Kris†a™
Quest writers: VALKNUT & Volgalla
Translated: BlackElf
Version: 2.0
Original Release date: 02/10/2015
Original page

   By popular demand some old mods are coming back, I did not translate this mod, happens to have a depository of all old translations by BlackElf.
So here it is...


   This is the conversion of "Mavari" armor by Zerofrost.
The armor is based on an original 2d concept art made by Virginie Carquin.You can check her deviantart page here and her work used as reference here.
Unlike the original mod by Zerofrost obtaining this set would not be an easy task, No guidance or compass pointers.
   To start Mavari hidden quest read the note located on the table in Dark Brotherhood sanctuary next to the stone of Barenziah.
Follow clues to find the first set of armor (hint: it's inside of the ... boat).
The second set is obtainable only after you speak with Olava the Feeble. She will tell the Dragonborn their fortune if they have Olava's Token but only as a bonus for killing Gaius Maro in a hold capital, during the quest, "Breaching Security".


TES V: Skyrim v1.9 и выше
DLC: Dawnguard
DLC: Dragonborn
DEM: Demonica v1.6.1 [Lilith] or DEMv2.1.1 (works on Lilith only)


   To install Just extract the contents(including folders) of this rar file into your Skyrim game folder.Comes with an esp file you can check and uncheck in the launch menu.


© 2016 Vlad [T]
© 2016 Kris†a™

Copyright notice © : Distribution of this mod (translation, modifications, adaptations to other body types) on other sites without permission of the author is prohibited
No derivatives.


  1. I appreciate you reposting the translation for this beauty. This was my go to armor for Demonica. Also, thanks for the well-translated description of how to obtain the armor without using console commands (although I normally use console commands anyways). Google Translate nor Blackelf's translation had been clear on what the hints were.

    1. You're most welcome. Actually, it was not a translated description, I just fell bad for all the people I see on a various blogs and websites trying desperately to resolve this quest, so finally I decided to give up some clues while at the same time preserving an enigma around this mystical armor.
      Enjoy, and Hail Sithis!

  2. Salut Vlad, merci pour toutes ces conversions en anglais. Je te souhaite un excellent week-end. Amitiés, JP

    1. Merci JP. Je ne savais pas que vous jouez toujours ce jeu.
      Vous avez un grand week-end aussi.

  3. Thank you so much for re translation to this and better quest hints

  4. Replies
    1. Why pity? The original mod is on the (see the original link on the top of this page next to the Hand).
      And secondary this blog is specifically designed for English speaking gamers in mind. Why should I post anything in Russian???

  5. А. Так там Gavitex. Спасибо. Разобрался.