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Companion Selene Kate - Kiss Me [LB]

By Kasprutz and Hello Santa
Donated by Uhuru N'Uru
Version: 1.6.0


Skyrim v1. or higher
SKSE 1.06.16 or higher
Sky-UI v4.1 or higher
FNIS v5.0.2 or higher

I don't think I have to tell anymore about Selene Kate created by Kasprutz and Hello Santa.
Enough been said on original Nexus site. For some time [LB] version of this mod was hosted on BlackElf blog.
Unfortunately BlackElf has ventured to greener pastures and completely removed all his posting therefore I've decided to find and rescue [LB] edition of Selene Kate.
Thanks to Uhuru N'Uru donation who took his time to convert all music to XWM format, compiled to installation package here I am presenting full version of Selene Kate [LB] on pages of this blog.


This mod adds female companion, Selene Kate to your Skyrim game. Thanks to wonderful character customizing by Hello Santa, Selene's appearance could be similar with Selene on the movie "Underworld" not exact but more refined. She is specialized with onehanded weapon and shield. And she has various functions to help you with enjoyable Skyrim adventures as following:

  • She can do melee attacks using onehanded weapon skills from TK Combat.
  • She has two range attacks called Maximum Drive and Aurablade(Imbued Weapons)
  • She blows enemy around 360 degree using Mass Force skill at emergency.
  • She can heal Player and herself at emergency. The heal attribution is fully configurable.
  • She can cast alteration buff spells(Ironmanize and Ebonyfresh) to protect Player/herself when combat start.
  • She use wind-walking to catch up with Player more efficiently.
  • She can dance alone, teach Player how to dance, and dance together with Player. (Total 45 enjoyable TBBP Dances)
  • She would like to cheer you up by hug.
  • You can kiss with her when you marry her. Kissing her has an effect called "Divine Protection of Love".
  • She can call and stable Player horse, Arthur and her horse, Guinevere.
  • She can make camp and collect ingredients for you.
  • She can relax and do various gestures during following you.
  • She can guard important place for you.
  • Fully configurable companion to your taste using Sky-UI MCM options.
  • You can control total 30 places(17 taverns, 10 in-game player homes and 3 custom homes) as her Home on the MCM.
  • You can fast-travel to Selene's home when you're teammate with her.
  • You can control various combat & improved stealth AI on the MCM.
  • Her perk combination automatically configured according to game difficulty setting on the MCM (Support 4 Game Difficulties).
  • Including in-game hairstyle and hair color changer on MCM (Support 8 hairstyles and 35 hair colors).
  • Including in-game eye changer on MCM (Support 13 eye-types).
  • Including Face Light to show better face even in the dark place (Possible to turn on/off on MCM).
  • Support extra 4 inventories for convenient storage managing.
  • You can remote-control her by pressing F2 key(calling Selene's Soul) such as summon, teleport, blast and so on.
  • She has various dialogue responses for unique personality (280+ response dialogue lines using Vanilla voice).
  • You don't need any body meshes, textures, and skeleton for her separately.
  • And more!



  1. I'm looking for an english translation of the LB Lady Ritual journal information. I'm not bothered by the mod itself being translated, but would just like to know what the journals say so that I can follow the hidden quest.

    Any ideas?

    1. I don't think I have LB Lady Ritual mod, however, the DEM version of Ritual does not have any journal.