Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DEMv2 Soul of War

Author: Kris†a™
Translated: Vlad[T]
Version: 1.1 (updated)


   Let me introduce the latest creation by Kris†a™, a light armor for DEMv2.1 "Eva" (a warrior vampire) called Soul of War.
   Everything included in this set is an armor and is warrior type character oriented.
The enchanted set of armor you can easily find on the Solitude docks and unenchanced version purchase at the castle Volkihar, just see Hestla and ask her what she's got in her inventory for sale. 
   Please note this set visible only if you are Eva. As we all know Eva is Lilith once she turned into a vampire, therefore if you are still a puny human this armor will not work on you. So hurry up and get you sorry ass infected by Serana or her favorite father if you want to wear this set. Some feral vampires may help you as well. 

Mod includes:

  • Gauntlets,
  • Vambrace,
  • Pauldrons,
  • Breastplate,
  • Gorget Necklace,
  • Tasset Skirt,
  • Cuisse Stockings,
  • Greave/Sabaton Boots


TES VSkyrim v1.9+
and, of course, DEMv2.1+


Unpack 7Z file into Skyrim/Data or
add to NMM and activate.


© 2016 Vlad [T]
© 2016 Kris†a™

Copyright notice © : Distribution of this mod (translation, modifications, adaptations to other body types) on other sites without permission of the author is prohibited
No derivatives.

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