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Skyrim SE DEM

And here we are, Skyrim SE and DEM, who would think this would happen, at least not me.
Well, this page will be constantly updated and you could always find all new and converted mods under the freshly created link Skyrim SE on the top menu. I would not bother listing how to install mods, most of you already know how to, however, all translated mods are repacked for an easy NMM installation. In case you new to Skyrim please see an original mod page where all details are explained.
Almost forgot, I decided to move all new and eventually all existing mods to MEGA. If you experience any issues just let me know so I can open a mirror site.
Just click on a mod picture to download a 7Z archive.
Without any further ado here they are:

[DEM] Demonica "Lilith" & "Eva" SSE

For obvious reason the main base mod that now combines DEM Eva/Lilith and Serana with Lydia formerly called Companions. If you wish to play another Serana or Lidia such as Bijin version or other variations just disable ESP in NMM after the installation (uncheck the boxes),

 [DEM] Mavari Armor SSE

Definitely on of the best armor mod for DEM, contains the quest armor and also the one you can craft.

[DEM] Gothic Dress SSE

In my opinion, the most elegant dress that is also a quest item unless you like running naked in the foreign embassy, You know what I mean. 


  1. Replies
    1. não consigo me transformar em vampiro lorde através de serena,não aparece as linhas de dialogo para ela me transformar em vampiro!!.

    2. Este é um bug de jogo comum e não tem nada a ver com o mod DEM.
      Verifique a sua ordem de modificação e outros mods conflitantes instalados.
      Além disso, este é um blog em inglês e não podemos garantir que possamos responder às suas perguntas em outros idiomas.

    3. Every hour, every 5 minutes appears a demonica vampire and attack me even though I'm level 1 still, I'm just demonica installed.

    4. Did you steal something that belongs to this vampire? Also, did you try to remove DEM mod and see if they still attacks you? Just to proof this mod is not the one to blame you should eliminate all possible cause of your bug. I've been playing DEm forever since she was created and I do not recall this behavior ever. Plus vampires usually never attacks until level 10.

      Trying to help here with suggestions, please understand I am only translating mods, generally all questions should go to the original mod creator Krista.

    5. Still bugged, trying to contact krista but she does not respond :(

  2. Hello, is it possible to upload for another source? Mega do not let to download it for free.

    1. MEGA is a free service at least in USA and EU for what I know.
      DId you try to click on the "Download through your browser" button?
      Also if you open a free 50 GB account you can save directly to your storage.

    2. The process of downloading stops after some time, after the starting of it, with the words like these -"you have exceeded the limit, create account on our service and you can download this for free". It is not problem to register there, but I just do not like the way how they ask about that. :)
      So I think, that maybe you have uploaded it on other services too.
      Just forget about it.

      THANK YOU for translation. I will try it nearest time and check if the light has been improved in Skyrim SE after the last patches.

    3. Alex, sorry to hear about your download issues. Please understand this blog and all I do here is free of charge therefore I can't afford to purchase a commercial services to host files and have the unlimited bandwidth. As you may noted already there is no Donate buttons or asking users to pledge some dollars to support this site. Krista and I are not affiliates except I have her written permission to translate and host translated version of all of her works (including work of all other Russian modders)
      Long story short, since I ran out of my Google drive free 15GB limits I have to move everything to another host.
      After careful and long testing I would think registering on MEGA should work for all users since no additional information is required if using 50 GB free account.
      If it makes you feel better it took me about 25 failed attempts to download original files from Gavitex where Krista is hosting her files.

  3. Tested, working great, thanks to krista for creating and porting the mods and you for translating it for us.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This should be addressed to Krista, I am not DEM mod creator. I did notice bronze lines as well but under certain lighting condition while indoors. Try the new ELFX SE, specifically ELFXenhancer, can't promise it would work since I did not try it in SE yet, see if your installed mods are compatible with ELFX. Or the old good friend ENB.


  5. I know i asked before but is possible for you to translate the vanilla armor that was posted in Krista blog, when it get converted, Seeing as I use Dem Comps any time I have comp hold vanilla armor they get naked and it ruins the immersion of the game.

    Would also seem the Bronze lines effect happens with the Dem/Eve Model even in SE, out curiosity are those lines why ENB was used? cause I dont use it probably never will.

    1. I assume you're talking about [DEM] Vanilla by Biaru ( since Ave's DEM vanilla is already in English.

      If it gets ever converted to SE I might consider to translate it. Problem is this mod only for Demonica [Lilith/Лилит] v1.6.1 and is not working with DEM Eve.

    2. yes, as far as I am aware neither neither are converted. If you can great if you that fine too.

      As for the bronze lines issue are you seeing it too as always it depends on the lighting

  6. Awesome! I've been waiting for this day to come. Been getting bored of the UNP/CBBE stuff that's been available. It's even better that the Mavari armor got converted over since that's been my #1 DEM armor since this body/race was released.

  7. Amazing! Now i can play through the new skyrim with pretty handsome female charakters during holidays ;)

    Thanks for the translation and merry christmas!

  8. Hi,
    Great work - thank you!
    I found one bug by quest to be Vampire in Volkihar Keep. The body model and race was not changed into vampire.
    That will help: player.setrace demonicaracevampire


  9. Karter released a couple of DEM SSE mods which I hope you can get permission to translate. I wanted to try to use SSE Edit to do it myself but wasn't sure on how to translate it (Russian text doesn't show up properly for me).

    1. I'll take a look what she did and surely will demand permission to translate from her even if that will cost me arm and leg. Sorry, been super busy @work lately.