Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DEM Renfri

By popular demand, I've decided to release old set Renfri for Dem and LB created by Volgala.

Everything can be crafted in the Solitude blacksmith forge but only after finding a very special book/manual in one of a ships cabin. Don't ask where, I have no idea, you have to dig through every ship in Skyrim :(

The set comes in 2 body options with different color options. Color options are in the separate download, just overwrite files after you have the main mod installed.

Did I also mention bodies? Yeah, it can be used with Dem race (non-vampire, sorry) and also LB replacer.

Original release date: May 11, 2014
Author: Volgala
Original page


TES V: Skyrim v1.9 
Demonica V2.1.1


Unpack Renfri_Eng.7z and merge into Skyrim\Data. Or use your favorite mod manager. Easy to remove this way, IMHO.
Unpack optional texture sets and overwrite your installation with a color of your choice.

© 2016 Vlad [T]
© 2016 Kris†a™

Copyright notice © : Distribution of this mod (translation, modifications, adaptations to other body types) on other sites without permission of the author is prohibited
No derivatives.

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